Gospel Artiste Winifred Bags Her First Award of the Year

Okay, so today I’m gonna be celebrating someone. It’s not her birthday, but it’s a big day for her anyways. She just bagged an award.

That feeling you get when you get recognised for your talents. Absolutely refreshing!

I remembered when I nearly won an award, well an online award, for bloggers, but you know what they say — me nearly can’t kill a bird.

But here is someone whose stone for the first time got a bird spiraling down. So why is this post coming up here? Well it’s because the world will be a better place if we join others to celebrate when they win, instead of hate and envy, and someone is using this post as a means to do just that.

Rave making gospel artiste and worship minister “Winifred” has bagged her first award for the year 2020.

On sunday 8th of March, she was named Gospel Artiste Of The Year at Jamnaija Entertainment Award Night.

Nothing as splendid like starting the year on the right pedestal.

Although she was unavoidably absent at the award ceremony due to a ministerial trip to Zambia for a gospel conference, her husband, Ajiri Afimoni led the team members of Ratzonel Concepts to receive the award on her behalf.

In his speech, he thanked God Almighty and everyone who has been supporting the music and ministry of Winifred. He also told everyone to expect more from Winifred and all other artistes signed to Ratzonel Concepts as they have a lot to offer in these times.

Winifred couldn’t hide her excitement upon receiving such a prestigious award as she reacted on her facebook page with a post that said “Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jamnaija! Thank you everyone that has been supporting me and my music. More to come”.

Ah yes, Winifred, the beauty of winning or success is this. “Once you’ve started, it’s difficult to stop.” So I can categorically tell you that there is no stopping you.

Cheers to you!

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