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The End of the World

Daniel grabbed Jacob his brother by the hand, and sat him down.   “So you really want to drink poison and kill yourself just because…

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Short Story: My Lizzy Visits

“I’m expecting someone tomorrow.” I announced on Saturday morning.   “Who?” the guys asked.   “A girl, my bae to be, her name is Elizabeth,…


Short Story: Traffic Light (comedy)

After about a 7-hours flight, the British airways plane finally touched down the Heathrow airport at 0500hrs. Mrs Ngozi soon emerged out of the plane…

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Short Story: Holy Matrimony

She was beaming with joy. Her smiles enchanting. The bride’s white gown boasted its radiance. Intoxicating! It was finally happening. It was like a wish…

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Short Story: The Outing (comedy)

“Money fall on you, banana fall on you…”, her iphone 6 came alive. Sandra picked up her phone and peered her eyes to the screen…

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