Escrow Services

So you’ve raised or set aside some money looking forward to use it purchase an online digital product that you really (desperately/badly) need.

And you happened to come across a seller of exactly what you want. But he/she is demanding you pay first before he/she sends you the item. And of course, you’re afraid! You don’t know if this seller is trustworthy or just aonther fraud. You don’t even know if the item he/she is selling is without compromised.

You request he or she sends first and swears on the heavens to send the money immediately after you’ve verified the product but the seller blatantly declines. Rather, he/she also claims to be afraid of your genuinety and insists you take a leap of faith and pay first. Well that’s going to end up being a frustrating circle.

Doing deals online can be dicey and scary. You really need this product and the seller probably really needs to sell it. But at this critical point, both of you are scared because of fear of getting scammed.

Getting scammed is a bitter pill to swallow. That’s why you need a neutral but reliable person to middle-manage the transaction -— An Escrow. One both buyer and seller can entrust with their money and product, and relax while the escrow receives the money and product on behalf of both parties and exchange them after both parties expresses satisfaction from their end.

Now you’re probably wondering where you can find someone that fit into that profile. Well look no further, because that’s why this page is here. I can escrow for you!

I can escrow for you and take the pressure off your shoulders and assay your fears, so you can enjoy a seamless hassle-free online transaction, for a measly N2,000 escrow fee. Of course, you only have to pay the service fee if the deal pulls through.

And if your buyer or seller chickens out, well he or she is probably a scammer after all.

Contact me now and let’s started.

Need proofs? Click the link below for a peek of my recent online transactions.

Payment Proofs