Short Story: Holy Matrimony10 mins read


One year passed and Victor and Victoria found themselves at their pastor’s office.

“Pastor, it’s already one year since we got married but no issue. We’ve been trying really hard but no pregnancy.”

“We want to have kids. We never for once led a reckless life. But why is it that we haven’t gotten any issue? Has the Lord forsaken us?”

“My dear, don’t lose hope. Those who lose hope will continue to mope. We are going to embark on a 3-day dry fasting exercise,” the pastor informed them.

“…If I be a man of God, then before the end of three months, you surely must get pregnant!”

If only the ignorant pastor knew exactly what was going on in this couple’s bedroom, why they had not really been able to have any issue, he wouldn’t have been too eager to stake the genuineness of his pastoral call on their situation.

Well, the three of them (including the pastor) embarked on the 3-day fasting and after its completion, the couple fired off their usual way.

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Victor rampaged his wife’s anus every day, morning and night, now so much that she soon found herself having whitish feces.

But 6 months passed and no pregnancy!


Victor felt he was infertile. Low sperm count perhaps? He found himself slowly backsliding. He seldom attended church services. He kept bad company with friends who lived and still lead reckless life after marriage. He took to the habit of taking alcohol. He felt forsaken. So why bother to maintain holiness when his reward is an unfruitful marriage. His friends beg to differ. He wasn’t the problem, they’ll say. But he didn’t see it that way.

One day, he found himself a little early to the bar after work. His friends hadn’t shown yet. He needed a drink badly. He couldn’t wait for them to show up so he helped himself with a few bottles. Then came along Cynthia. She’d been flirting with him for the past two weeks. This time, she dressed more provocatively than ever.

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‘What the hell’, he shrugged.

And he soon found himself in a room upstairs getting undressed with Cynthia. They dropped on the bed, kissing and caressing. And as usual, Victor made his signature move: he turned her over and launched full assault on her anus!

‘Wow, this uptight and decent looking guy even do anal?’ She thought as she twitched and moaned.

Then he pulled out and laid on the bed, trying to catch his breath. She was still expecting him to come back for the main thing when he asked, “how was it?”

“What? That was it?” she asked, surprised.

“Em, yes?” “Is this how you’ve been doing it with your wife?”


“Oh! You poor thing.” Cynthia shook her head with pity.

She reached to him and showed him how to really do it. Cynthia was an expert. She was barely fifteen when she had her first. Ever since, she had done it countless times, with countless guys and different styles. The next few minutes followed with so much pleasure than Victor had ever felt. He finally found out what he had been doing wrong.

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That night, Victor got home and took his wife to bed. She was about to turn and give him her back when he stopped her.

“I’ve learnt something new that we are going to try.”

And finally that night, after about two years of marriage, Victoria lost her virginity and soon became pregnant. Victor was so grateful for his little rendezvous with Cynthia, but he repented of his backsliding and turned back to living a faithful life.

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