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Martins Diaries 2: Episode Eight

Episode Eight — The Robbery 2 (season finale)

Continued from The Robbery 1

Momsi: Please mama forgive them.
Robber2: Please mama! We are your children oh. Forgive us.
Grandma: G forbid! My children will never do this rubbish.
Robber1: Mama, please just tell us what we can do for you to forgive us.
Grandma: There’s nothing oh. Just do what you wanted to do because whether you do it or not, the curse will still affect you.
Momsi: Mama, please na. Just forgive them. Let them go.
Grandma: No way.
Robber3: Ah mama, please. We’ll do anything.
Grandma: Anything?
Robber1: Yes mama. Anything.

Well, she better not tell them to come and sleep with her oh.


Hey, sorry to interrupt…

I know you were reading that and getting all into it, but this web series is no longer available to read on the blog because it has been compiled into a book. This book contains all the episodes/chapters from the blog series and you can purchase it or gift it to a friend for a small amount.

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