Martins Diaries 2: Episode Four

For those who have been following this serie, I’m sorry for going AWOL since the last update. Been preoccupied since the last update. Anyways, I’m back and ain’t going nowhere till this season is completed. So brace yourselves while we begin.


Episode Four — Hospitalized

Have I told you about the time I had an accident? It was a wheelbarow accident! It’s embarrassing I know.

I was jejely walking on my own, when this dude came from a blind end and ran the damn thing into me. And he was carrying 3 gallons of water in it. Everything crashed into me! Men I’ve heard of wheelbarrow accidents but never knew it was real. It was excruciating!

Guy: OMG! Please I’m sorry.

Me: (shrieking) Call my momsi!

Guy: Em, are you with your phone?

Me: Can’t you use yours? Let me give you her number.

Guy: My phone is at home.

I looked at him, he was wearing only boxers “in public”. Has he no shame?


Hey, sorry to interrupt…

I know you were reading that and getting all into it, but this web series is no longer available to read on the blog because it has been compiled into a book. This book contains all the episodes/chapters from the blog series and you can purchase it or gift it to a friend for a small amount.

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