Martins Diaries 2: Episode Six

Episode Six — Hospitalized 3

One thing I love about being sick is the sweet mouth. You get any stuff you wanted, ice cream, fast food, any dish you wanted, (I could go on but you get the point) that you would want to be sick very long. Well, I was enjoying my treat but I wouldn’t want you to salivate. I remembered when we used to fake illness….

Anyways by evening, the fam started to leave. Momsi went to see them off. She was to go later after Brother Samson dropped them off and return for her.

I was gonna be alone in the hospital. Well, I had that nurse Christabel…

“Here’s your medicine. Swallow it. Later I’ll give you your injection.”

I looked. It wasn’t nurse Christabel. This one was probably in her early 50’s, ugly, wrinkled, and mean. Her hands were cold.

Me: Where’s nurse Christabel?

Nurse Esohe: You cannot greet? Or don’t you have manners?

What!? I be Moses? Manner kill you there!!


Hey, sorry to interrupt…

I know you were reading that and getting all into it, but this web series is no longer available to read on the blog because it has been compiled into a book. This book contains all the episodes/chapters from the blog series and you can purchase it or gift it to a friend for a small amount.

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