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Martins Diaries 2: Episode Three

Episode Three — Brother Samson: My Hero

There is always some point in time when you depend on your older sibling to step up and defend you from harm from outsiders. And I’ve had a fair share of mine with my big brother Samson.

You see there was one morning I went for an errand. On returning, I passed by a field where some “agberros” (goons) sat and I looked at them with disdain. Well, they were staring at me and I didn’t like it.

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Goon 1: You cannot greet? Or do we look like your mate?

Me: (hisses) What? My mate is far better than idiots like you. I’ll rather greet goat than greet you.

Goon 2: Na we you dey talk to like that? See this small rat o!


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Hey, sorry to interrupt…

I know you were reading that and getting all into it, but this web series is no longer available to read on the blog because it has been compiled into a book. This book contains all the episodes/chapters from the blog series and you can purchase it or gift it to a friend for a small amount.

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Now Hold On a Minute!

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