Buy/Sell Adsense

Are you interested in Buying an Adsense account?

Getting Google Adsense approval for your site can sometimes be difficult and discouraging. You think you are ready, you apply, only to get rejected. You make some changes, you try again, still rejected! Now you’re just going in circles and still, you don’t just know what you are doing wrong!!

If this is you and you are fed up applying for Adsense? Or maybe you just want to skip the trouble of following the crazy process of applying and getting approved or rejected by AdSense, and get to the part where you can now start milking the cow?

Well buying an Adsense account is your best bet!

I can get you your ideal AdSense account, that fit into your budget, is reliable and can stand the tests of time (provided you don’t go against Adsense polices).

Are you interested in Selling an Adsense account?

Do you have a spare and reliable Adsense you want to sell? Or you just feel like seling your Adsense account for any reason? And you’re unable to get a buyer, well you can contact me so we can successfully sell your Adsense account to someone who needs it.

I currently deal with all kinds of AdSense accounts!

    • Nigerian or Foreign (UK, US, Germany, China, etc)
    • Hosted or non-Hosted
    • Unverified or Verified
    • Payment Received or Not
    • With or Without Domain

Contact me if you are interested and let’s trade without fears.

Phone/Whatsapp: +234 8068 781 781

But hey! If you are interested in getting your own Adsense account for your domain name, by going through the usual Adsense application procedure and you need an idea on how to prepare your website in order to bag an Adsense approval, you should get my ebook guide and learn my secret and master the art of easily getting Adsense approval, for you will learn how to get approved even with a new blog with less than 10 posts and zero traffic. The ebook is currently sold for a discounted price of N2,000. Click here to buy it automatically. But first, check here if the ebook is available for sale.