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Wedded Day – Episode One

Yay! I’m excited as this happens to be my first post here.


Saturdays are for weddings! Bella is a blogger, she blogs about the weddings she attends. This series “Wedding Fever” unravels some of such weddings but with an unexpected turn of events.

Please I implore you not to pre-nurse any emotional attachment or be sentimental towards… It is completely fictional and meant to be a comedy, a figment of my beautiful imagination. Thank you.



Episode One: Spray Money

It was barely 2 PM when Bella arrived at the venue. She had gotten the invitation from one of her fans about two weeks ago and decided to attend this one and write about it on her blog. She had come with her portable digital camera and her iPhone5 was there to back it up.

She peered around the venue. The event center didn’t impress her.

‘It must be cheap’, she thought to herself.

But the lightning and decorations gave the place a rather pleasant appeal.

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‘I must make a mental note to commend the efforts of the decorator when writing about this wedding on my blog, he or she managed to pull it off by turning this beast of a place to a beauty’, she said to herself.

She saw the groom’s father tête-à-tête with the groom’s uncle in one corner.

Then the speakers came alive as the couple was ushered to their seats.

As the DJ dialed down the music, the pastor took a mic to address the crowd.

“Gift, do you remember when you came to my office last year, you were worried that you didn’t know where your relationship with Victor was headed, and I said, if I be a man of God, by this time next year, your wedding will hold. Today, that declaration has come to pass. May your home be filled with happiness and blessed with the fruit of the womb. What God has joined together, let no man put asunder.”

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After the pastor’s address, the DJ once again blasted the speakers with music.

Food was soon in circulation and a takeaway pack was soon delivered into Bella’s hands. As the food was been served, the MC beckoned on the guests to come and spray the couples with money as they had their couple’s dance.

Bella could see different persons walk over to the dancing couple as they indulged the MC’s request to pour cash on the couple. She noticed the pastor also pull out some cash as he slowly walked over to spray.

Taking a turn to spray the couple was this odd-looking guy. Unlike the rest, he brought out dollar bills to spray the couple. He started with the bride. As he sprays her the money, she vanished.

See discharge! Everywhere scatter!!

The MC dropped the mic and ran! The groom followed suit! And the guests in their wake.

But guess who was in the lead?

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The pastor! He was even the first to discharge.

If you see how the pastor ran away, Bella could bet he would outrun Usain Bolt. A whole Pastor! Oga “If I be a man of God”.

When the police arrived, they asked him why he ran.

He was like, “The Lord told me to run. So I had to run”.

‘Yeah right. He must’ve been scared to his marrow. Alas, one man had managed to put them asunder’, Bella thought.

They are still looking for the dollar bills guy and the bride.

The End.

Now Hold On a Minute!

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