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Wedded Day – Episode Three

Saturdays are for weddings! Bella is a blogger, she blogs about the weddings she attends. This serie “Wedding Fever” unravels some of such weddings but with an unexpected turn of events. It is completely fictional and meant to be a comedy.


Episode Three: Lights Out

Bella couldn’t take her eyes off the newlyweds. The bride was a complete stunner in her princess ballgown while her groom was equally dressed for the day. It was a complete fairytale. It was as if nothing could go wrong.

“As we are gathered here to celebrate the blessed union of Promise and Micheal, let nobody nor anything put asunder…”

The chairman had barely come through with his speech when the power went off and the hall went dark, save the natural light coming through the entrance doors.

“They will soon on the generator”, the best man reassured.

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15 minutes later.

“Any moment now, they will soon on the generator.”

30 minutes later.

People started to come out. The best man came out too and went to the hotel management to investigate the cause of the delay in the restoration of the electricity in the hall. Bella too stepped out.

“Initially there was no diesel in the gen, so we sent someone to go and buy some from a nearby petrol station. He just returned a few minutes ago, we have poured it into the gen and yet, the gen refused to start”, the hotel manager explained.

Many people were already beginning to show up. The groom and the bride soon arrived.

Wetin happen?” the bride asked.

“He is saying the gen refused to come up.”

“But we paid for the hall, why did he collect our money without doing all the necessary preparations?” the groom asked.

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“See I’m sorry sir. But it’s not my fault.”

“Oh-ooo-oh, so it’s our fault?”

“Ma’am, I didn’t say that.”

“No no, that’s exactly what you are saying. It’s our fault, it’s our fault we chose this your “eyesore” of a hotel. Can you people see that this evil man wants to ruin my wedding for me!”

Tears started rolling down her cheeks and were ruining her mascara and makeup.

“Stop crying Promzy, you will ruin your makeup”, her chief bridesmaid tried to pacify her.

“Madam please calm down. Who knows? This could be a good thing. It could be a sign.”

“Sign that what?”

“Maybe its a sign that both of you aren’t meant to be together.”



See hot slap, he nor know when he collect.

The hotel manager found himself waking up lying on the ground with a numb face.

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Here’s how the hotel manager remembered what happened.

Whoosh –> Sting –> Lights out.

The thundering slap from the pissed bride caused him to pass out.

“Sign indeed.”

Shey he dey find “sign“? He has had a taste of the “signs” and wonders the bride can perform with her palm of her hand.

Luckily, the generator finally came on and the wedding conducted to its completion.

The End

See you next week!

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