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Why You Should Own a Blog in 2022 (and how to benefit from it)

If you are a story writer or an “unpublished” author, you might want to consider starting a blog—if you don’t already have one.

In this post, I’m going to be telling you why you should start a blog, and then also tell you how to benefit from having one. There are two parts to this post. Shall we?


A blog is basically a website that you can use to reflect, share opinions, and discuss various topics in the form of blog posts, sometimes letting readers comment on your posts.

And no, the fact that you see “journal” in that definition doesn’t mean you are going to be a journalist. If you are uncomfortable with that word, you can replace it with “note”, “memoir”, “entry’, “scrapbook”, “diary”, etc, or any word that suits your appeal. We good?

If you own a blog, you are pretty much gonna be called a “blogger”. Pfft! Go figures!  But is that a bad thing? On the contrary, as long as you are not selling crack, being stupid, or an ass, then you have got nothing to worry about. You will still be a story writer.

Being a blogger is pretty much amazing, it’s life-changing and in a good way. A blogger is more or less a celebrity, with a lesser spotlight on them, well…. Okay, they are public figures (happy?) to their fans readers.

As a story writer, blogging can help you collect and share your thoughts and experiences, network, develop your writing skills, work from home building your brand, growing your audience and fan base, and make money from your work through sales, freelance services, etc.

A lot of we “unpublished” writers want to write and publish novels or books of some sort, but never get started, probably because we suffer from writer’s block, or we think writing a book will take too long and there’s just not enough time now with our busy schedule and so we procrastinate or put it off to indefinitely.

I am actually an advocate for writing books. I even have a saying for that;

 “At some point in your life, you’ve just gotta write a book to teach others…to pass down knowledge…You might not be able to change the world, but  you will be able to change individual worlds”. Pretty cool, eh?

But if you never seem to get started on writing your book, believe me; you really need to consider blogging! Starting a blog can help you prepare for your book. 

2 out of 3 bloggers out there have published books through blogging!

Also, with blogging, you don’t have to wait to write a book to start sharing your stories!

I also believe that every writer and author should own a blog of some sort—and it’s for the same reason (no, not selling crack, silly): sharing your ideas, your thoughts, and creative through your stories, to entertain others, and give them the opportunity to escape to a fictional world.

Since time of ages of time past, the form of storytelling remains through writing, talking and acting. In today internet age, blogging can be used to tell stories be it by writing (old fashioned blogging), talking (podcasts), and even videos (vlogging). So you just need to pick what suits your style best. For me, I’m currently the old fashioned writing blogger—but I’m eyeing the others because it seems that’s where the money’s at.

The beauty of blogging is that you can either start one for free or spend a little money to get something better.

Blogging gives you a way to continually grab readers’ attention with new posts and fresh doses of information.

Can you still start a blog in 2022?



With an increasingly online society, more and more of the mainstream population are browsing the Internet every day and spending at least part of that time reading blogs. What does that mean for you?

It means this is the best time for you to own a blog, and share your stories because newsflash—there are billions of people in the world who currently use the Internet just lurking, waiting to read your stories. And that’s a pretty big potential audience.

Allow me to drive this point home with this hot mind-blowing statement I have been working on right from my mother’s womb. Please read it carefully:

“If there is any right time to start a blog, it’s now!”

Err, maybe not from my mother’s room per se… But you get the idea.

If you are wondering why will anybody give a fvck about your blog or your stories? Well, because you are unique, therefore, your stories; what you have to say, how you will say it, from what angle you will say it, your style of saying it, will be unique! It will be mind-blowing!! It will be (wait for it) legendary!!!

And there are so many people out there waiting and counting on you to start a blog (myself inclusive), who will be interested, nay, mesmerized, hooked on, and blown away by your stories! No pressure.

And you get to write or say what you want in an informal tone, as you may have already noticed me doing all through this post.

Once you’ve published your blog in 2022, it’s out on the Internet for all to see, read, and adore. You now have a virtual place to connect with readers and other like-minded writers for an open dialogue about your common interests, aesthetics, or style of work.

You might be thinking, ‘But I already do all that on social media, duh. So what’s the big deal?’ Well good for you, but let’s briefly look into both.

Blogging vs Social Media

Okay, this is basically me trying to compare you having your own place (i.e. a blog) over crashing in your friend’s (or even your parent’s) place (i.e. social media). In the latter, you are bound by rules! You don’t have CONTROL.

You might have the illusion of control, but the truth is you have to play by their rules. You eat what you are given, you take permission to do almost anything, like own a pet, throw a party, bring a girl over—I’m sure you get the point. Heck, you could be kicked out anytime (because your friend’s girlfriend says so) and they won’t owe you any explanation.

Social media give you the illusion that you are in control, you share what you want, whenever you want “as long as you are not violating any rules” and accumulate as many friends or followers “as allowed”, you may or may not be allowed to simply change your personal or page name. Get the point?

Your account can get suspended, banned, or deleted along with all those many hard-earned followers and page likes (which some people even buy with money!), and there is nothing you can do anything about it. You may try, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

And God forbid after you spend so much time, energy, and resources to get an established base on a social media platform, and the next thing it becomes the next mySpace or Google plus. Poof! All that gone, into thin air, just like that.

A big mistake people make is to build their hub on a platform that they don’t own, for example, on a Facebook page—Joy Deangdeelert Cho//Joanna Penn

Note: However, don’t neglect social media, instead use it for what it is, a tool; a tool to source readers to your blog.


How to Benefit from Blogging in 2022

Okay, so we’ve talked about why you should start a blog, now. Let’s move on to the second part of this post, which is, what can you benefit from blogging? Why would you spend money on something if you have nothing to gain, no ROI, right?

Apart from the gratification, fame mentioned earlier (okay, let’s not get carried away…How about something more subtle, say, popularity…That works right?)—and self-fulfillment that you derive from having people read or listen to your stories, and actually have life-changing impacts on them, however little it may be (I make people laugh with my commentaries and comedy series on this blog), in one way or the other.


Just like writing a book, when you start blogging, people begin to recognize you and words like reliable, credible, expertise, authority, professional, etc begin to resonate with your persona.

People want to work with you, people begin to trust and love you enough to patronize you. This can drive sales and bring in deals. Congrats, you can hang your superman’s cape now.


Did you know that you could build a sustainable and full-time business out of your blog?

Best-selling authors and public figures like Robert Kiyosaki (, Dan Lok (, Mark Manson (, etc have regularly updated blog sections on their website to gain more exposure and more audience from all over the world, and also remain relevant in their audience eyes and promote and increase sales of their books, products and services, both past and upcoming, as well as to promote their services.


make money blogging 2022

As of 2020, Jon Morrow makes at least $10,000 for each public speaking gig and makes up to $100,000 monthly thanks to the recognition and sales accrued over time from his blog

If you have decided to develop a tough skin and still willing to shoot your shot with blogging, then let’s begin—I know right, with all that is already written, you’d think I should be rounding up, not beginning—pfft! What to do?

Anyways, I have a different step by step guide put up in a different page, and it comes with a free email course on how to successfully launch a blog. And FYI, for just about $50, you can get a (free) domain name and web hosting plan from Dreamhost, with WordPress automatically installed for your self-hosted blog. Click here to go to the guide.

Concluding Thought

There are numerous reasons to own a blog in 2022. If you want to own a blog, blog about what you are most interested in. Don’t choose a topic you can’t sustain, or because you think it will do better or reach more people. The content needs to be something that interests you and you can easily dish out fresh new ideas or contents around it for a very long time. And there are various ways you can benefit from owning one. You get to do what you love and help people at the same time, you gain recognition, enough to offer paid goods and services through your blog, and also reap some cash benefits out of it. What could be better than that?

PS: If you don’t want to stress yourself trying to set up your blog, I can do it for you. Pricing ranges from ₦50,000 to ₦100,000+ depending on the bulk of work. If you can afford it, you can contact me and we’ll have your blog up and running in no time.

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