Writing Services

Do you want to Tell Better Stories and Get More Laughs? Convert Your Stories to Screenplay? Have your book Reviewed and Recommended? Do you want your Handwritten Book Typed? Or do you want your References written in the right Format?

In a nutshell, I currently offer the following writing services:

    • Humor content writing to integrate humor into your content.
    • Standard movie scriptwriting.
    • Honest and critical review and recommendation of your book to my readers.
    • Excellent academic paper References formatting with up to 99% accuracy.
    • Typing of your handwritten contents into MS Word at affordable rate.

There’s a form at the end of the page where you can select a service and request for a Quote. Alternatively, you can contact me.

Thank you for your showing an interest in my writing services.

Writing Services

Humor Content Writing

There’s a saying, “people will forget what you do or say but never how you make them feel.” Perhaps that’s why I write funny short stories — To make my readers feel happy because yes, humor makes us happy, that’s why everybody loves it. That’s why we love the Big Bang Theory, Rick Segel, Home Alone, papa Ajasco, MarkAngel skits, etc and pay for comedy shows like AY Live, Basketmouth Uncensored, Bovi’s Man on Fire, etc. That’s why we stream YouTube at midnight seeking for “funny cat videos”. It’s a fvcking necessity! So when you add “free humor” to your content, it shows you’re fun and committed to making your readers or listeners enjoy themselves while digesting your content.

And what better way to communicate your message and get people to listen for hours and truly understand and absorb your message than spicing it with Humor? It’s as Jeffrey Gitomer, Sales Guru puts it, “At the end of laughter is the height of listening.” And if people don’t forget how you made them feel (from your humor), you can bet they won’t be forgetting you anytime soon and will anticipate your next release!

But humor is a skill!

Granted, you can learn any skill, but why waste valuable time and resources learning it and keeping your writing on an indefinite hold when you can leverage and outsource it for a few nairas? And hey! I happen to know a skilled humor writer, MEEE! I’ll draw up, suggest and integrate humor to your content — be it a story, copy, ad, promotion, etc — for just about the right price! Contact me and let’s get started.

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Script Writing

Using software like Celtic, let’s make that your story, idea, concept or punchline come alive by converting it to actionable scripts that allows you tell it in form of a skit, short film, drama or Nollywood movie. Price varies according to casts and length of the script. Contact me today to get a Quote.

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Research References

If there’s one place in your reports that you’re likely to face scrutiny, criticism, etc, it’s your references. Sometimes writing an acceptable reference can come off a bit difficult. And if you happen to be stuck or getting frustrated trying to reference your work? Be it your seminar paper, I.T report, project report, etc. Well, why not relax and hire me to do it for you. All your need do is provide the list of materials that needs to be referenced and the type of reference style to be used, and sit back relax and let me fix that up for you for a simple N3,500 cup of coffee.

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book review

Book Review

Just finished writing your book? Not sure if your book has value or if people will be interested in reading it? In need of a fresh pair of eyes on it? I’ll read, scrutinize and access your writeup as a whole, ensuring the message is clear. And then write and publish a book review on my blog to recommend your books to my readers. I charge a flat N5,000 Book Review fee. Peanuts right? Contact me today and let’s get started.

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Type Setting

You probably get more writing done when you put pen to paper. Well while you scribble down your stories or writings, you can snap and send your notes to me via Facebook, WhatsApp or Mail, and I’ll help you type and format them and have them sent back to you in MS Word document. Of course you can get typewriting service from any computer centre and avoid the stress of snapping and sending notes especially when the pages are many, and that’s why I’m offering to do more for less. You get to pay N50 per page (save 50%). You also get Table of Content and List of Figures added for FREE! And another whooping 10% off for any work over 150 pages. Contact me let’s get started.

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