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Getting Marriedish — A Dozen Rings
Coming Soon…

This is a spin off from the comedy serie Wedding Fever. Watch out for it. It promises to be “deliciously riotous and refreshingly funny“.

the Crocodile Prince

This is a story of an Afrcan Prince who discovered he is a crocodilian shape shifter. But he’s faced with the burden of masking his new identify so as not to cause an uproar.

But not long after, people started dying by fierce attacks. This brought about bedlam and panic in the Kingdom and the King, his father, unknown of his son secret identity commisioned men into the forest to scout for the wild beast that was causing the menace, to bring it down.

With this new development, Prince Dafe’s secret becomes more threatened and the Prince must do all he can to prevent his exposure. If found out, he loses his honor and brings shame to the royal family and risks facing an ugly verdict of the gods – his untimely death.

Getting Adsense Approval Easily

Getting Google Adsense approval for your site can sometimes be as difficult as a camel passing through the eye of a needle. This is because in most cases, your adsense application is most likely to get rejected! You think you are ready, you apply, only to get rejected! You make some changes, you try again, still rejected!! You don’t just know what you are doing wrong!!! This can be frustrating and discouraging. I know because I’ve been there, quite a lot actually.

Yes I used to be an Adsense loser! But that is in the past now. For over two (2) years now, I’ve been registering longlasting approved Google Adsense accounts with ease, with new blogs and websites of barely few weeks old and with as little as 5 posts with zero traffics! The good news is you too can!! 

Because Google AdSense is usually the potential way most bloggers especially newbies can start earning some money right off their blogs, yet most struggle with getting Adsense approval, I decided to write an ebook to teach new bloggers how they too can easily get Adsense approval. I call it Google Adsense Approval Made Easy.  It’s a definitive guide that teaches you how to get Adsense approval for new blogs as easy as ABC!

In this ebook guide, you will learn my secret and master the act of easily getting Adsense approval. And with this information you could get Adsense approval for your blogs and once you get a hang of it, you can opt to offer Adsense approval services to your friends and clients and make some cool cash by charging them for your services, or you could join the wave of bloggers making money selling approved Adsense accounts and blogs.

Poor persons are said to “Pass Over Opportunities Repeatedly“. Don’t think and act like a poor person. Take a decision today not to let this ebook pass you by if you know you are still struggling with getting Adsense approval for your blog. I promise you it’s a decision you won’t regret making.

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