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I am a blogger, storyteller and comedy writer, and internet entrepreneur. I write short stories (usually funny ones) and commentaries that I hope doesn’t suck. I also work with other writers to create contents and set up (and if need be manage and update) their personal blogs for chump change.

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Short Story: The Outing

Jude wants to take Sandra out. But she decides to bring her friends along. See what Jude does about his new situation. So hilarious!!
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Martins Diaries (free copy)

Martins tells of the witty happenings in his ordinary large family, in a very hilarious way. Probably the best comedy piece you will ever read!
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Why You Should Own a Blog in 2021 (and how to benefit from it)

In this post, I’m going to be telling you why you should start a blog, and then also tell you how to benefit from having one. Then, at the end…

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Hurray! Martins Diaries is Now a Book

This might as well be a 6-7 years project; removing and adding parts, transferring across personal blogs and changing Titles while in use as web series. And alas! I thought,…

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Bow at a venture

A Bow at a Venture (pidgin version)

I just feel like writing this entire post in vernacular “pidgin”. Alright, let’s go. *** If you be bible person, e get one sweet Bible tori I wan yarn for…

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It's Easier to be a Billionaire than a Millionaire

How to be a Billionaire in Nigeria

Let me start off by saying this is not a motivational post! Alright, so if you’re reading this, it’s most likely because you are just so curious to know if…

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Martins Diaries 2: Episode Eight

Episode Eight — The Robbery 2 (season finale) Continued from The Robbery 1 Momsi: Please mama forgive them.Robber2: Please mama! We are your children oh. Forgive us.Grandma: G forbid! My…

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The Outing: Short Funny Story

Jude wants to take Sandra out. But there’s an unexpected development: Sandra brings 3 of her friends along. See what Jude does about his new situation…so hilarious!

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