Hi, I'm Martins (@martinswrites).

I will love to tell you I'm a professional writer, adviser, etc. But who dash monkey banana? I'm definitely no professional writer. I'm just trying to be a good writer. I'm in my mid-twenties, so obviously I haven't got life figured out. I'm probably a joker right? Well, I'm not perfect! So I don't judge. I'm no better than you. There are so many things I can't do that you probably can. For example, I can't hold my breathe for up to one hour!

I struggle with my imperfections everyday. But I'm trying to learn and develop, and when I learn something new and inspiring, I just can't help but share it. And that's probably the purpose of martinswrites. I write so we can learn, laugh, develop and grow together.

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Martins Diaries 1: Episode Five

Episode Five – Breaking Pot (B.P) Wednesday was fun men! We went for church wrecking. Allow me to fill you in. You see, we just sat in…

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Martins Diaries 1: Episode Four

Episode Four – The Excuse   You see, there is this crazy street I’ve been going to. Not that it had craze people in it….


Martins Diaries 1: Episode Three

Episode Three – Pastor Friyo Divine Inspiration So one morning, I wanted to head out and as I was passing by, I heard some moaning…

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Martins Diaries 1: Episode Two

Episode Two – Sisi Juliet’s Beans Delicacy It all started on Thursday morning when we saw only Juliet cooking in the kitchen. Me: What are…

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Martins Diaries 1: Episode One

Episode One – Let Me Introduce You Hello and welcome to “Martins Diaries“. I’m Martins by the way. I’m the third child of my lovely…

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Tale of a Keke Napep Driver

One evening, I and my friend Abraham entered a keke from the Lighthouse cinema in Warri after watching the Antman 2 movie. We occupied the…

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