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Ericardo Brings Love & Jokes to Warri this Valentine

Valentine’s Day is drawing nigh!

Girls are now picking up their calls, they even call back now when they missed your call.

Few days ago, someone called me saying she saw my missed call. Haba! Aunty, you can lie oh! Which missed call? Your number that have been deleted from my phone since last year.

Some girls are now calling guys just to “hear their voice” or “check up on them” or just.

It’s indeed a month of LOVE!

But guys how far?

I’m hearing that some guys are breaking up with their girlfriends for mere “sneezing loudly” in their presence.

Those that refused to have girlfriends are in “unhealthy” romantic and probably s*xual relationship with red teddies like this guy in this picture.

Is it true that some male corpers are yet to touch their 33k cuz they want to spend it on bae?…If any is a batch A corp member, he’s husband material cuz you see this their 33k? It’s sacred.

Those of you having more than one babe. How market? The problem with having more than one girlfriend is that you’re never in town on Valentine’s day.

Students whataguan?

Aren’t you gonna call your parents and ask them for money for one compulsory “expensive” textbook your lecturer have never heard of nor know he’s selling it?

Okay, I’m getting carried away already. Let’s get down to the business of the day.


One of Delta’s brightest comedians, “Ericardo”, is taking a “highly efficient” brigade of entertainers to Warri to dish out unbridled laughter and excitement.

Ericardo is coming this February to sprinkle laughter among friends, family, lovers and people in Warri this Valentine, with his live show titled: “Ericardo Unchained: Love and Jokes”.


When I said they should use tyre and fire that time… Well sha let me restrain myself from saying anything about this Ericardo Unchained of a thing, I’ve already done that before.


Scheduled to hold at the SUG Coliseum of the Federal University Of Petroleum Resources in Warri, audiences would be treated to exceptional comedy from 7.00pm on Friday, February 14 2020.

Other comedians on the lineup include K-Meks, Freshmouth, Mc Decent, Dr Kaybee, Bmx Josh and a host of other performers.

Won’t it be a treat if I did a little comedic performance there too? Well I won’t be in town! *winks*

Divine Icon 2017 winner, Amb Lawrence would also be leading a team of alternative musicians which include Givens, D’blaze, John Jireh and others at the event which is tipped to be one of the finest this season.


So if you’re FUPRITE, or live in FUPRE and her environs, and you’re in love. Well this is the best place to spend your valentine’s osusu!

It’s safe! It’s open!! So chances of her returning the favor in 9 months time will be slim.


Besides, what better gift to give your love that shows that you really care about her than laughter?

It will be memorable! She may have loud “farts” from laughing too hard!! But hey, if she hasn’t done so before in your presence, well you’re welcome, you’re now closer!!! ( well that na if it’s not you that is messing in her presence).

Save the date! Friday 14th of February, 2020.

So what are you waiting for? Start calling dad and mom for the money. But feel free to tweak the name. You can tell them it’s a compulsory textbook or a scholarship exam.

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