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Ericardo Unchained xtended

Ericardo unchained went down January 25, 2019 at the Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun (FUPRE), Delta State. It was the first show that rocked FUPRE community this year 2019 and the young man managed to pull it off.

the official advertorial

And somehow somewhere on February 1, 2019 one of my bestie also pulled off the Finesse house party.

Kudos to both of you!

Both events I was unable to attend because I was very much outta town.

But this is about Ericardo unchained. It pained me that I couldn’t make it to the Ericardo show. I don’t care what anybody say, but i know that I’m part of team Ericardo. At least, I for play my part in the projector display.

It has come and gone, true, but I still have something to say about it. Like the title for example.

You know, people make jokes or comedy with things they relate with most. Some it’s woman and bedroom action, some like talking anyhow, some like washing, that’s why you hear something like Basketmouth uncensored, Bovi man of fire,…while some na their village people dey worry them, that’s when you na hear something like “Ericardo unchained”.

Anyway pictures and videos of the show are been paraded on social media, and some were very disturbing that I’ve to say something about them.

Starting with that photo below. Chai! But to craze go fit you ooh. See as you do the eyes. Eric, you sure say nor be your calling be this?

Ericardo on chains

But you see that chain so, the chain looks familiar. It looks like my dog’s missing chain! I don’t want to say anything but let me assume if that’s it, maybe it was borrowed without permission.

Okay when I see the pictures below, I’d to ask myself, “WTF are those guys doing?” I bet they are not from Delta state. Then when I look closer, I see that Wobazy is there, no wonder. All these lagosians, they don’t know how to really handle such critical case. They think say na to loose chain?

Any typical warri person knows the the kind condition Ericardo was in on that stage, the solution is not loosing the chain, the only lasting solution is to leave the chain, carry tyre wrap the young man, pour fuel, put fire and let him burn!!

To craze just dey hungry this one

This one they do now is only temporary, next year will come, you see that ship they are constructing in marine department? The anchor will get missing and we will hear Ericardo unanchored.

Okay, what’s with this next photo?

Is it epilepsy or was he trying to dance?


Anyways, the young comedy marshall has gone places and stood on various podiums. Shortly after he “dropped out” of FUPRE, Ericardo, was opportune to be featured alongside other big names in the industry like Gordons, I go dye, etc at the Warri GloLafftaFest ’17. And when he returned, Glo gave him microphone and setup a booth close to the girls hostel on campus, and we thought Glo don give am sponsorship deal as their ambassador to FUPRE.

See activation! The MX Entertainment crew came back to life!! Van asked me to grant him access to the mx blog and started updating it. Abraham started saying MX Entertainment is entitled to 60% of the money their artistes and comedians makes from deals and shows. For their mind, they think say Ericardo don blow. And since Eric was part of MX Entertainment, in a way he was also their comedian, and so dem dey find 60%. In other words, as Ericardo don blow, they too don blow.

Little did we know that the only sponsorship Glo gave to him was for his education. They gave him canopy and microphone so he can sell Glo sim cards and recharge cards in order to raise money to take buy jamb form and FUPRE post-utme form.

The big ed was na using the mic to call people passing by names, (like those people that sells bible in the market) including my name and said the sandals I wore was from my secondary school. The thing vex me! You know wetin oyibo people dey call heirloom? That’s what that sandals was. Sandals that my great grandfather passed down to my grandfather, and my grandfather to my father, before I was privileged to inherit it! And he’s calling it “secondary school sandals?!” He dey underrate the sandals!!

Las las, na Van na suffer am pass. He turned to by force blogger. Van! Van!! The guy like to trek sha. Na so he trek all him trousers jump.


You know how the problem take start? Na when Buchi dey scroll Eric phone one day come see his number saved as “Buchi extra year”. He nor talk, na for campus blast na he give Eric title as “FUPRE top comedian”. Ericardo dey happy. He dey post am everywhere on social media. He think say na better thing. He nor know say na swear.

Na later when he “drop out” only to reapply to FUPRE again na him pastor tell am say na swear, na he say he must find solution. He first collabo with Abraham (mr finesse house party) do “FUPRE next comedian” but the guy wey win am no get oil for head, so that one nor work. But he said, this chain must be loosed! Na he find alternative, and you guessed it, “Ericardo unchained”.

Speaking of the chain, I just showed some of the photos to my dog and it’s recognizing the chain oh.

Well thank God for his life now that he’s unchained, at least now he go fit finish school. Because e no go funny say he go come drop out again, come dey write jamb with students wey dey write primary six exam now. Or haven’t you noticed, the students writing jamb now are born from the year 2000 and up, and you know you dey the 199* set.


Abeg all these ones wey I dey talk since na joke I dey oh. Before Ericardo will make it his life’s mission to roast me in any of his next act on FUPRE.

Anyways, Ericardo is a great guy. He’s a talent believer. He’s the only person that actually encouraged me when I said I wanted to do comedy…even tho las las my liver still fail me.

Ericardo onstage performance

There are people that give you leftovers. They want to succeed first before helping you. But Ericardo isn’t such. He is among the few people in this world who carry people along as they ply their way to success, the ones that invite others to join them to share and eat their food as it is served. He promotes others in their craft. At least, unlike some people, Ericardo’s name can be associated with credit (not debit) alerts from my bank account… Van, you try for this department too.

That’s just one oh

He’s basically screaming, let’s win together. The likes of Aji_Anje, amb Lawrence, 7thgoro, Telvin, Wobazy, my humble self and a number of persons I can’t name from the FUPRE community can testify.

Eric and amb Lawrence…why does this look like gay sh*t?


Oh Aji_Anje, let me quickly say something about this fish. In my dictionary, Anthonia is synonymous with the word “Wordplay”, it’s not an easy feat for writers oh. I know myself I barely have a drop of it…. But this girl anje, chai! She makes it seem effortless. Hats off to you.

I heard that she performed spoken words, though I didn’t hear her piece, but I can bet with Ericardo school fees that it was dope and flawless. Because I know her worth.

Aji_Anje onstage performance

When i first saw her picture on the advertorial, I was like she wan go perform comedy too? But e sure me say she for still finish work unlike some people that we know that will not stick to their comedy skits.

If I’m to count people that will make me wish to tarry longer on FUPRE soils, Anje is one of them. Eric nor join oh, if na him, to drop out self go dey hungry me.

It pain me that i didn’t get to know her on time. And I use to see her around when she was doing foundation abi predegree, I’ll be like “see this girl with her rabbit teeth”. I didn’t know her worth then, until later we did something with Abirhire Blessing and Cindie on whatsapp and shortly after she burst my head when I saw her scribbling a masterpiece she titled “noesis” at LT1.

When my playlist switches to the shakira/zootopia’s “try everything” song, she always come to my mind. From comedy skits (like the elevator skit) to lip singing on instagram (@aji_Anje), to writing poems and spoken words, to SUG week treasure hunt, to hosting of some FUPRE top shows, to miss tertiary institution ’18, where she was crowned miss terrorism, sorry tourism, etc. You can tell she’s an epitome of talents and an ambassador of not afraid to “try everything”. Miss small but mighty.

I hold her in high esteem, even though I dunno if she might even regard me sef. And I can say Ericardo does too. I see his whatsapp status, I remember the ones he keeps saying people will see both of them at the top, … I dunno why he didn’t include me. Even Abirhire Blessing promotes her. That’s one thing I like about these sets of people, they promote each other.


Unlike the FUPRE music community. There is no unity. Just because artiste A manage sing song that boys hostel and maybe one or two fupre girls likes, he’ll feel like he don blow and start having pride. Then because A have been hanging out with artiste B when he released the song, artiste B will now come out and say its his influence that made the song dope. A will na vex. Then they will start beefing and dissing themselves. The one that have money will go to studio to do diss song, while the one that don’t have money will go to social media (facebook).

They are too proud to work together, so the music community is stagnant. That’s why, four years ago, FUPRE artistes thought two years later, they will blow and buy car. But now, four years later, they are standing at FUPRE junctions begging 100L and 200L gee boys for lift in their cars.


Na here na my ink finish. Thanks for reading.

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