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Tale of a Keke Napep Driver

One evening, I and my friend Abraham entered a keke from the Lighthouse cinema in Warri after watching the Antman 2 movie. We occupied the backseat of the keke and…

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My First Time (18+)

18+ only First time is not always easy. There’s usually this tension, this anxiety… Will I be able to do it well? If I flop at it, I might be…

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The End of the World

Daniel grabbed Jacob his brother by the hand, and sat him down.   “So you really want to drink poison and kill yourself just because you got two carryovers? Is…

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Short Story: Holy Matrimony

It all starts at the altar, where two holistic persons (Victor and Victoria) with no s£xual experience, weds in Holy Matrimony to become one. What will their s£x life be…

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Short Story: The Outing

“Money fall on you, banana fall on you…”, her iPhone 6 came alive. Sandra picked up her phone and peered her eyes to the screen for the name of the…

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