Short Story: Holy MatrimonyReading Time: 10 Minutes

She was beaming with joy. Her smiles enchanting. The bride’s white gown boasted its radiance. Intoxicating! It was finally happening. It was like a wish come true.

Victoria smiled again. It was her wedding day. It was perfect. She was perfect. He was perfect. She was veiled but she could see Victor. He was so handsome in that tux. They both stood at the altar, before the guests eyes affixed.

“…for richer for poorer till death do you part?” the officiating minister came to the big finish.

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“I do”.

You may kiss the bride”.

Victor unveiled his bride and gave her a quick kiss. And everyone clapped and cheered.

That was it. They were married.

The reception followed with elegance and glamour but with a little too much of decency. There was much RSVP, dancing and presents. It felt like he day wouldn’t come to an end but it soon did than expected.


The newlyweds let themselves into the bedroom. They sat on the bed next to each other. The smiles that once lit their face fading away. They have been preoccupied with the ceremony that they had completely forgotten this was also part of the package – their first night together as a couple.

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They fell into an awkward silence.

“Did you see the way your aunt was dancing at the reception? It was hilarious!” Victor blabbed out trying to establish a form of comfy.

“Yeah.” Victoria mouthed and smiled a little as the memory came back again.

“Well I will go wash up first. Then you can do so after.” Victor said and stood up.

Obviously his approach wasn’t working.


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So Victor went into the bathroom while Victoria slid into the bed.

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