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First time are not always easy. There’s usually this tension, this anxiety… Will I be able to do it well? If I flop at it, I might be a laughing stock. Do you remember your first time? You might be able to relate.


I still remember my first time, clear as crystal. It was a rainy day… I’d brought it out, sturdy and pointed, still virgin to use. I’d panicky put it into the hole and drilled in.


It’d barely lasted for one minute before I took it out. I’d looked down at it, eager and anxious at the same time to see what came out. But I was disappointed at myself. I was ashamed to meet Juliet’s eyes as I could tell she too was looking at it.







The pencil was still blunted, it wasn’t sharp enough. Disappointed, I put it back into the hole of the sharpener, drilled it a bit further for a few seconds, then brought it out.


Alas! The pencil was sharp enough this time. I was excited. I felt accomplished. I passed the sharpener to Juliet who was waiting for me so she could sharpen her pencil as well.


I rushed back to my seat in the classroom, and started writing the letter A that was distributed across my exercise book by my class teacher for me to duplicate at the spaces she’d intentionally left.


Yep! That was the first time I sharpened my pencil myself and ever since I’d been doing so myself and even helping others to shapen theirs.


Can you still remember the first time you sharpened your pencil yourself?


PS- I’ve no idea what you thought I was gonna be writing about. I don’t even know why I wrote 18+ at the beginning of this writeup.




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