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Coming Soon: Getting Laid The Series

It’s been a minute…

Now that I’m back (I think), I’ll be kicking off Getting Laid series soon.

Getting Laid series is just like the Getting Laid short story I wrote on moskedapages blog sometime ago. The series is actually inspired by the short story version. 

If you are wondering what’s it’s about—Well, it’s just me simply putting up some random scenarios where Martins the virgin boy tries to get laid, but always hit a snag. 

It promises to be funny and exciting…and erotic 😉😀. I hope I don’t go to hell for it, though. 

Although presently it’s still the way it has been when I started and stopped writing it in December, 2020, I’mma gonna put in some finishing touches to ensure it’s ready this month. 

However, it might not be posted here because there’s too much dust and cobwebs as a result of my putting this  blog on hold for the past year and few months, and trying to live my life as a normal human being. If you are wondering if I succeeded, well…🤐

Anyways, I’ll post the update of where the series will be blogged so you can follow it. You might wanna subscribe to my email list because I plan on keeping that going and updated as actively as possible. To do so, enter your name and email in the sign up box at the end of this post.

Meanwhile, to give you a taste of what to expect, you can read the Getting Laid short story version—that inspired this series—on moskedapages blog (click here).

It feels good to be back. I hope it’s for good this time. 


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