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In this digital age, there are probably a million reasons to start a blog!

  • A blog could serve as a memoir or open diary.
  • An invitation to an event, e.g. your wedding.
  • A means to share your ideas and opinions, contents or podcasts, etc.
  • A means to unleash your potential and passion.
  • A means for self-development.
  • A means to build your brand.
  • A means to promote your business and sell your products or offer services.
  • A counseling unit.
  • An educational platform.
  • A hobby.
  • It could serve as a source of living. etc.

If you can make shoes, creams, write books, share ideas, offer advice, etc, let people know what you are good at doing or teach them how to do it too by starting a blog.

But guess what!

Blogs aren’t only for individuals “bloggers” only! Businesses should have blogs too.

As a business or company, sometimes it’s not all about having a nicely designed website, it’s in your own advantage to also have a blog on your website. Why? This is because blogs are a very beneficial addition to a company’s website.

According to HubSpot, Companies who blog generate 67% more leads per month than those who don’t! This is true for both B2B and B2C.

Blog posts can lead to more search engine visibility. Someone might search for something on Google, and end up finding a blog post that was published on a company’s blog and this can gain your company more traffic, which means more potential clients that may convert to more sales!

With a few change in your pocket to spare, you could actually make a blog come alive.

hire me

If you don’t know how to setup a blog or don’t have the time to do so, you can hire me to setup a blog for you or your business for an all inclusive fee of ₦ 50,000 ₦ 25,000.

True! You can get a .com domain for say 3.5-4k/year, and you can get a hosting for that domain for even as low as 3k/year with some registrars. And if you have a clue, you can go to the cpanel, install wordpress for free and boom, your wordpress blog is live!

So I’m not denying it, you can start up your own blog online with 8-10k!

So why the hell will you want to pay me ₦ 50,000 ₦ 25,000 to start a blog for you?

Well sorry to burst your bubble, but there’s more to setting up a blog or website than just buying a domain and a cheap hosting plan and installing WordPress on it.

And if you aren’t used to WordPress, your blogging journey is heading for the deep.

If You Hire Me to Setup a Blog for You…

I will purchase and setup a domain name and one year hosting for you, install and issue SSL certificate, setup SEO, add your social profiles for your readers to follow you, a contact form and setup newsletter (subscribe by email) forms on your blog so your readers can follow you, contact you and receive updates from you. 

I’ll hand-pick a pre-made theme for your blog using WordPress from a collection of awesome designs to choose from. You can opt for the customized landing homepage with a separate blog page if you wish.

I’ll setup two subscription forms (one homepage and one posts slide-in) integrated with Mailchimp).

I will also setup a product page (shop) using woocommerce and paystack integration so you can sell your products, services, courses, ebooks, receive donations, etc and receive payments online using ATM cards.

I’ll give you a FREE “SEO writing checklist” e-book composed by me to guide you to write and optimize your posts and permalink structure for better SEO (search engine optimization)!

And yes, all these for just: ₦ 50,000 ₦ 25,000!

So why not save yourself the stress and hire me to do the heavy lifting, and give you a blog you will fall in love with, a blog fully ready for use.

If you will like to hire me to setup your blog, please contact me.

WordPress Blog Features Summary

  • Custom domain name (.com, .org, .net, etc)
  • One year hosting with SSL Support
  • WordPress Installation
  • Beautiful themes to choose from
  • Basic SEO setup (free SEO writing checklist inclusive)
  • Contact Form
  • Social Integrations (facebook, twitter, instagram, etc)
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Newsletter Subscription Setup (Mailchimp)
  • Woocommerce and Paystack integration.
  • Price: ₦ 25,000 ₦ 50,000

Blogger Go

If you are on a tight budget and a simple blog is what you desire, then you can give the “Blogger Go” package a go! You get a blog hosted on Google Blogspot platform but with a custom domain, SSL setup and basic blogger SEO setup.

Key Features

  • Custom domain name (.com, .org, .net, etc)
  • SSL Support
  • Support unlimited traffic
  • Beautiful themes to choose from
  • Basic SEO setup (free SEO writing checklist inclusive)
  • Social Integrations (facebook, twitter, instagram, etc)
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Newsletter Subscription Setup (FeedBurner)
  • Price: ₦ 15,000 ₦ 25,000



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