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Tag: Comedy

Hurray! Martins Diaries is Now a Book

This might as well be a 6-7 years project; removing and adding parts, transferring across personal blogs and changing Titles while in use as web series. And alas! I thought,…

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Martins Diaries 1: Episode Six (Season Finale)

Episode Six — Pad Tales (Season Finale) Hiya peeps! Welcome to another saturday, the last Saturday of the month if I might add, and today, we’ll be wrapping up season…

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Martins Diaries 1: Episode Five

You see, we just sat in the sitting room one evening tuning the TV and checking out the local networks because the cable had no signal. On one of the…

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Martins Diaries 1: Episode Four

Episode Four – The Excuse   You see, there is this crazy street I’ve been going to. Not that it had craze people in it. But it’s that street that…

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Martins Diaries 1: Episode Three

Episode Three – Pastor Friyo Divine Inspiration So one morning, I wanted to head out and as I was passing by, I heard some moaning and groaning. And guess what?…

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Martins Diaries 1: Episode Two

Episode Two – Sisi Juliet’s Beans Delicacy It all started on a Thursday morning when we saw only Juliet in the kitchen…cooking. Me: What are you doing? Juliet: Cooking beans…

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Martins Diaries 1: Episode One

Hello, and welcome to “Martins Diaries“. I’m Martins by the way. I’m the third child of my lovely popsi and momsi. The hierarchy goes like this: Samson, Angela, Me, Favour,…

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