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Meet Rosabel! It’s her Day!!

Meet Rosabel Sowho! She’s the one in the photos in this post. It’s her day!

meet Rosabel

She happens to be a friend. And it’s her birthday today! Permit me me to use this medium to celebrate her.

And although I’ve written Ericardo unchained xtended a while ago in the form of comedy coined from a comedy show “Ericardo unchained” to celebrate Ericardo for successfully putting the whole thing together, this is actually the first time I’m doing a ummmm, what do I call it now, a “birthday shoutout” I guess.

I’m doing this as per a special request. And also as a gift from her to me.

So just take a minute or two to know about this sweetheart.

Rosabel is a special friend. See, I got to know her through Destiny who I’ve mentioned in this post why you read and fail on how he helped me rise above some courses during my undergrad days. Well I think the right phrase to use there is, ..we got to know her… Yes not just me but most of us who are Destiny’s guys. This is because she’s so friendly that she literally befriended everyone of us in a short period of time and there was not once that you’ll get any negative vibe from her. She’s always wearing that her “a million dollar smile”.

She’s the nicest, caring, supporting, energetic and lovable person and also an excellent cook. She actually traveled all the way from her home to ‘nurse” Destiny one time he got very sick in school. And everyone of us well-wishers that went to check on him, she’ll have food prepared for, with so much candor and vigour.

There’s not one single dulling moment with her.

Now when I got the request to write this, I thought this was all Know about her. Then I realized, I know more!!

She’s a choco pop lover! Her love fpr it is uncanny!! She’ll basically walk a thousand miles in search of it!!! Yeah, I know cuz I’ve been on one of those “walk” with her. She’ll have it soaked in milk and eat it, and she can eat it and never get tired.

And she loves her fruits. I bet she wouldn’t break a sweat if she chose to go veggie.

She’s a hugger! Yeah she is not afraid to spread love through hugs!

She’s also surprising independent, well, mostly independent. Meaning she lives on her own terms, and free to roam like the free spirited person she is. She’s multi talented. She’s a nurse by profession but also good at catering and makeup.

she looks like she’s advertising the cake

She’s really awesome!

Well, I’ll stop here. Happy Birthday sweetheart. Wish you the heaven’s best. And I’m sorry this post is coming late dear.

If you are her friend and know anything else not mentioned about Rosabel here, you can leave it on the comment below.

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  1. You made me cry while reading the blog. Thank you very much for everything. I never believe you will do this. And one thing you must know, am the most happiest and luckiest person to have you guys as friends. Thanks to Destiny and most importantly to God for everything. I love you guys ❤️💓💕💖💗💙💝💞💘❣️💌💟

  2. Wow 😮 wow 😮 wow 😮 amazing what a pleasant birthday 🎂 wishes and surprise superb and amazing, well for me I will say she is very caring 100%, understanding 100%, honest and sincere, trustworthy, very jovial and she is a warm hearted girl well she love talks allot and very good at it hey don’t get me wrong okay when I said she love talks doesn’t mean rough or irrelevant words but advisable words okay and also she is very shy 😊 😊 😊 a agree with the blogger cause she once told me about the chocolate stuff haha lol 😂 😂 I just love everything about her she is truly a darling birthday girl 👧 Rose 🌹

  3. Hmmm…Martino martez my realest G!I may not b able to write much to express my joy concerning this write up..however I must say I am grateful and equally thankful for ur concern, time and effort to put words that gladdens d heart… I hrt u so much man!thanks a lot and God bless u!more power to ur elbows..#writing abilities!

    1. Rosabel is someone who ensures everyone is happy around her even when its not within her powers.I remember the first day we met.I got fed with food n didn’t know when I gat comedy lines.I remember how I made u choke cause u laughed alot.Route Destiny thanks for bringing a wonderful soul to us.This does not mean I’ll not tease u again o.I must find ur trouble

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